Face care | Riverview Hotel & Spa in New Smyrna Beach, Florida (2023)

Sparkling "C" and marine facial

50 minutes | 120 dollars

Radical treatment for dull face and dehydrated skin. This facial combines the high power of vitamin "C" with stimulating freeze-dried seaweed that leaves the skin firmer, brighter, rejuvenated and velvety. An excellent treatment for smokers, bathers and skin damaged by the sun. Gentle firming mask.

Personalized Sea Herbal Facials

110 dollars

Your personalized facial experience will be chosen by your experienced therapist.
Your options:
A radical facial treatment for dull and dehydrated skin that combines the high power of Vitamin C with stimulating algae to achieve firmer, brighter, velvety and rejuvenated skin.
A highly effective soothing treatment for any level of sensitivity, from inflamed acne to skin that's been exposed to the Florida sun. The natural blend of ingredients from sustainable beehives and algae is proven to restore skin to its most vibrant glow.


120 dollars

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The person making the statement. This instant firming and brightening treatment will prepare your skin for any special event or just looking your best. Brightening and facial contouring are just the initial benefits of this exquisite experience. The best ingredients from Chile and the sea instantly brighten, tighten and create a youthful glow.

acne face care

50 minutes | 120 dollars

Acne-prone skin types require extra care and specialized ingredients to address serious obvious issues like: acne, blackheads, and inflammation. This facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and a soothing and healing mask. The skin is excellently smoothed, decongested and visibly purified.

facial rosacea

50 minutes | 120 dollars

Treat your fragile skin to all the relief and renewal that green tea, licorice and French rose can offer. This facial soothes the skin, reduces blemishes, and reduces redness. Ideal treatment for all microcirculation problems, especially: couperose, erythrosis, erythrocuperosis and rosacea. Heavy lifting mask.

back cleansing treatment

60 dollars

The hard-to-reach rear area also needs cleaning and care! This treatment includes exfoliation, aromatic steam, deep pore cleansing and pore purifying mask followed by a light massage and hydration veil. Ideal for oily or acne-prone back skin.

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deep cleaning needed

50 minutes | 100 dollars

The Sea Mist facial ritual adapts to your skin type and concerns to give you the radiant and rejuvenating result you are looking for. Complete deep cleaning of the face with exfoliation, steam and hot towels. A wonderful combination of ancient technology and techniques. Personalize your ritual by choosing the treatment that will solve your skin problems. After a consultation and cleansing with your therapist, your ritual treatment will be selected according to your specific needs.

Tretman Hydra-Cloud Mask

50 minutes | 120 dollars

Combining the moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid with a unique and innovative ingredient, micronized cotton extract, this restorative, calming and soothing facial experience helps your skin age in reverse! Uniquely formulated to combat the signs of aging as well as the effects of sun damage, it quickly removes toxins and environmental pollutants from the skin. Relax completely as the refreshing cleanse is followed by Pevonia's exclusive gentle peel, Clear-O-Zym®. As dirt, oil and debris are lifted from every pore, your skin is primed for a deep quench with hyaluronic acid and other key ingredients in this powerful blend. As visible lines and wrinkles are minimized, your complexion is instantly brighter, visibly smoother, and noticeably hydrated with an ultra-fresh, renewed feeling. A true sensory experience that will help you feel "light as a cloud". It is recommended for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin and rosacea. It is also ideal for perimenopausal and menopausal skin.

skin fit facial treatment

50 minutes | 120 dollars

The superior anti-aging facial includes a complete deep cleansing of the face with exfoliation, steam and hot towels. A wonderful combination of ancient technology and techniques and the application of NuFACE microcurrent to firm and tone the face and reduce wrinkles on the jaw, cheeks, eyes and lips.iforehead.

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Caviar Power Rejuvenating Facial Treatment

50 minutes | 150 dollars

This luxurious anti-aging treatment enriches your skin with pure caviar extract. Water, lipids, vitamins and minerals form a caviar that renews, oxygenates and nourishes aging skin. Add the benefits of Excutox phyto-extract, wrinkles, elasticity and texture are improved and youthful resilience is restored.

mini face focus

25 minutes | 65 dollars

For those who are short on time and still want to look their best. This focused facial is ideal for those on the go. Your skin is clean, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged. A pore-purifying mask is then applied, followed by a veil of light moisturizing cream.


Peeling Hydra-Glow (35 minutos) | 100 dolares

Give your skin a smoother texture, fewer wrinkles, and a glow.
complexion with YouthRenew HydraGlow Peel. Use of pure and natural milk
acids, this gentle exfoliation reveals beautifully hydrated and plump skin with
radiant, healthy glow. The perfect scrub for pre-weddings or special events. No
Recommended for hypersensitive skin. This is the perfect “lunch” scrub!

Treatment for the eye, neck and décolleté area | 120 dollars
(50 minutes)

Facial Therapy for Men's Beard | 120 dollars

Our beard therapy is specially designed for men's skin and beard care. This facial treatment includes a deep cleansing of the skin and a treatment to soften and regenerate the beard; making your beard softer and healthier, and your skin hydrated and energized. We'll supplement your beard with the highest quality beard oil blends and beard balms to keep your beard manageable and shiny (not greasy). This unique facial care will relax you,

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without stress

and your skin feels like new.

(Beard trimming or trimming is NOT included in this facial)
50 minutes - $120

facial peeling treatments
For optimal results: 3-6 series of peels

YouthRenewTM Hydra-Glow Stack | 35 minutes | 100 dollars
Give your skin a smoother texture, minimize wrinkles and brighten the way with YouthRenewTM HydraGlow Peel. Using pure, natural lactic acid, this gentle exfoliation reveals beautifully hydrated and plump skin with a radiant, healthy glow. The perfect scrub for pre-weddings or special events. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Micro-Retinol® tretman | 50 minutes | 130 dollars
Enhance results and restore shine in less than an hour! Formulated like no other, this high-performance treatment combines a powerful yet gentle deeply renewing exfoliator and Micro-Retinol® treatment ampoule to instantly restore skin to softer, smoother, younger-looking skin. Ideal to purify the skin and renew the surface of aged skin.



LightStim's professional LED light treatment upgrade will help reduce redness and inflammation and enhance the benefits of your skin care products by increasing penetration. You'll enjoy the soothing warmth of the lights and the natural, youthful glow that comes from LightStim's natural light therapy.

25 dollars | upgrade to any face care

NuFACE Wow Brow & Lip Cream

Lift up your weary eyes. Reposition the bun to open up your eyes and create a more lifted, youthful and refreshed appearance, while reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It also works on hard-to-reach brow furrows, wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

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20 euros | 15 minutes - added to each facial care

Enhancement for the eye contour, neck and décolleté

As we age, the elasticity of our skin weakens, wrinkles and skin appear.
numbs Our eye, neck and décolletage treatment uses the latest elastin from Pevonia.
a serum that helps to tighten the skin and Escutox, commonly known as a topical agent
Botox that helps tighten and reduce wrinkles. anti stress eye mask
completes this ultimate anti-aging treatment, increasing blood flow through
circulation to reduce dark circles and puffiness. leaving your skin
firmer, brighter and rejuvenated.

45 dollars | 10 minutes *Included in facial care
This treatment targets the three areas where our skin ages the fastest.


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